Circular Tools and Resources

Guides and resources from the CEYOU project to help you on your circular journey.

Are you ready to go and DO SOMETHING!? This toolkit is designed to support you or your youth organisation in developing and implementing Circular training programmes, activities and events.



• Basic theory of Circular Economy.
• Accessible eco-friendly habits to start your own circular journey and lead by example.
• Resources and contacts to help with organising a Circular event.
• Advice on non-formal education and how to facilitate an inclusive event.
• Templates for training programmes.
• Ideas for informal activities.


Are you ready to SHAKE UP THE CATWALK!? Check out our guide to Eco-friendly Fashion.


Fashion emits 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases every year.


Its impact is greater than international flights and maritime traffic combined.


To make a t-shirt, for example, you need the equivalent in water of 70 showers (2,700 l) – for jeans, that’s 285 showers(11,000 l)  4% of the drinking water available in the world is thus used to produce our clothes


However, in the last 15 years, we have bought 60% more clothes and kept them for half the time!

Are you ready to PLAN YOUR BUSINESS? Here’s a Circular Economy Business Plan template.

Do you need help with ECO ANXIETY? Our resources will help you to understand what it is and provide some tips for dealing with it.


Eco-anxiety is anxiety related to climate change and environmental degradation. 


Like anxiety, it results in a certain uneasiness and pervasive fears, rational or irrational. This overwhelming concern for the future of the planet can become quite crippling as it leads to the gallery of symptoms that come with it, from insomnia to depression or eating disorders. 


Also called “Earth sickness”, “Spleen green” or “Green burn-out”. It is a chronic fear of a doomed environment.